Suffering in Life
Hay, I'm Evi, 17 and from Germany.
Welcome to my personal Blog.
It’s full of Manga and Anime, Series and Games,
My books and of course my semi-art.
Also feel free to message me.


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by ヒツノ


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I think we’ve officially reached that annoying time in the year where it’s sweater weather in the morning, but by midday, if you wear a sweater, you die from heatstroke.

every year i wait for this post. it always comes right on time

And then it’s jacket weather at night.

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I’m so angry. Why can’t they let me be instead of being twofaced and trashtalking about me…

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im still in between kinda accepting my body and wanting to starve myself for weeks i dont know 

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"So this is a half-youmu"

"So this is a half-youmu"

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There are five sides to Tumblr
Side one: Pictures of Starbucks and girls who have dip-dyed hair
Side two: People crying over fictional gay couples
Side three: genuinely fucked up people looking for support and a place they don't have to hide. An escape.
Side four: porn.
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I want to roleplay more again.. But I’m too lazy to do it in english here on tumblr and I can’t find any good rpgs on my german sites too.

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